Extended View


Acrylic disk window installation, tunnel book, and kaleidoscopes

Em(body) {Reflections; Extensions; Projections;} exhibition at Preston Bradley Center, October 15 – November 13, 2016

The Preston Bradley Center is an extension of the Uptown community in Chicago – it is a hub of spiritual expression, arts outreach, and community service – and Extended View visualizes this community through a kaleidoscope metaphor as well as the kaleidoscope as a physical object: a dynamic blending of color and light activated by human interaction.

The hanging acrylic disks are backlit by the window, which lights the mandala-like images. The images are created from photographs taken in the Uptown neighborhood; they represent the beautiful, mundane, sacred, and profane, all integral aspects of a diverse neighborhood. The interior of the accompanying tunnel book features reflected text and a historic map of Chicago, and the kaleidoscopes provide viewers with a new perspective through which to see the exhibit and the beautiful architecture of the Preston Bradley Center.

As rhetorician Kenneth Burke states, “A way of seeing is also a way of not seeing.” When one looks through a kaleidoscope, the original image is obscured, but a new multifaceted image is reflected back to the viewer, who maintains control of the new image’s changing form by turning the kaleidoscope by hand.

When people interact within their communities, the community becomes a dynamic entity, constantly changing and reflecting the intentions of its members.

A kaleidoscope is an extension of the capabilities of the human eye.

A person is an extension of his or her community.

A community is an extension of the capabilities of its people.


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