Clamshell box with pressed plants, photographs, divining rods, cube puzzle, and exquisite corpse book, unique, 2016

Topophilia was first conceived in 2012, and has recently been updated with a new, more streamlined clamshell box and accompanying exquisite corpse booklet!

How does one search without knowing where to look? In Topophilia, readers wander through the contents of the box searching for clues about place and identity, just as one might wander through physical environments searching for connections to people and places. The cube puzzle and exquisite corpse book invite multiple iterations and interpretations of the artist’s original poem. Readers discover the text as they reveal the images; as in life, searching and discovering are processes and matters of perspective.


2 thoughts on “Topophilia

  1. Saw your contribution to the Transatlantic mountains conference. I participated in the 2013 conference talking about Campbell Folk School and also did a session on bookbinding the day before the conference. Yay! I love this artist book and the simple fact of connecting bookbinding, Appalachia, and Romanian Fulbright experience!
    Anne Murray

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