Order a copy of my poetry chapbook Hard Rain, Hard Wind now!

Order Hard Rain, Hard Wind, a collection of poems by Jamie Weaver here: 

Order Hard Rain, Hard Wind

Hard Rain, Hard Wind is a powerful poetic dialogue about familial shame and reconciliation that emerges between the poet, her grandfather Joe, and several generations of female family members.

“Jamie Weaver’s Hard Rain, Hard Wind poetically decodes letters written by the women in her family to reveal the hardscrabble reality of their lives. In doing so Weaver shows a generosity of spirit, but equally important, a sophisticated psychological and feminist understanding of sexual politics and power that both disturbs and haunts the reader.”

~ Michelle Citron, Ph.D.
Author of Home Movies and Other Necessary Fictions

“Jamie Weaver’s alchemical excavation of the new from the old, Hard Rain, Hard Wind is a kind of literary revelation of the invisible poetry of her grandfather hidden within found letters and diaries of her female relatives. By embodying the contradiction of composing a voice for a fractious family member, Weaver honors the work of those who care for the difficult, and love them in spite of their difficulties.”

~ Jenny Magnus
Author of Observations of an Orchestrated Catastrophe: Plays and Performances
Co-Artistic Director of Curious Theatre Branch

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